Young Artists Division (Under 8)

Ayansh (USA)

"Our ecosystem with diversity"

Biodiversity provides many goods and services essential to life on earth.The one health acknowledges the interconnection of human,animal and ecosystem health.

Junior Artists Division (Age 8-17)

Aisha (India)


I have drawn on biodiversity which is composed of animals, plants and insects. All are interdependent on one another. Trees provides us oxygen for respiration which is a basic need of all people and animals. Biodiversity is necessary and we must preserve it. We need to reduce deforestation, ban plastics, practice water conservation, care for animals, reduce fossil fuel emissions and more. In this way we can preserve biodiversity.

Adult Division (18+) - Visual Arts, Individual Submission

Sareh Tavakol (South Africa)

"Meet with an Anopheles mosquito"

Showing the life cycle of Malaria, how Anopheles mosquito plays an important role in transferring the disease.

Adult Division (18+) - Visual Arts, Group Submission

Annika Black and Sarah Dailey (USA)

"Biome Mandala"

In much the same way as colors blend from light to dark, various biomes interact and depend on each other to create their environment.

Adult Division (18+) - Performing Arts

Arnaz Raj (USA)

"Sasquatch Blues"

The Sasquatch is real, just misunderstood. This original song brings awareness to the wild soul of nature, always marching forward, uniting all living things.

Age Group: 5-8

Overall Winner:

Nina (United States)

"All the animals and people enjoying the ocean"

A healthy ocean means healthy and happy animals and people.

Age Group: 9-12

Visual Arts Winner:

Delia Ma (Hong Kong)

"Bird on Branch, Girl on Swing"

The side by side pictures show the before and after of human destruction of nature. In the first picture, the branch with leaves represents nature and the bird represents animals in a healthy forest. The second picture of the swing with the girl represents humans taking over animals' homes and destroying the trees, turning the once alive tree into a dead piece of wood. The tree that she is swinging on also doesn't have leaves, showing the impact that humans have on the once healthy forest. The birds are flying far away to show that they have left the forest because their home has been destroyed.

Performing Arts Winner:

Group: Diego Alejandro Meneses Botache, Julieta Meneses Botache, Paula Andrea Cortés, Juan Sebastián Corredor, Laura Sofía Bocanegra Rojas (Colombia)

"Trovas One Health"

Beautiful verses that rhyme, highlighting One Health concepts and supporting the need to generate clean and protected environments, safe for animals and humans.

Age Group: 13-17

Overall Winner:

Leni Vanessa Joanna (Uganda)


My poem is mostly about the factors influencing climate change like deforestation, that affects all the three aspects of One Health: people, animals and the vegetation itself.

When we speak of one,
It’s mostly the single digit that does not carry as much value as a zero at the end of a cheque
some of us think of it as unity
the ability to form a single beautiful unit from many unique functions
that are striving for the same purpose
the melodious chirp of a blue bird no more
we become the fruits of one tree, stars in one sky
that we so blatantly destroy procrastinating action
or brushing it off as” none of our business”
being allies to global warming instead of enemies
as we destroy the futures of those yet to come
Why would you so lavishly bask in oxygen, he pays thousands to live.
for how long will we turn a blind eye, deaf ear
and categorize climate change as none of your business.
to care is to be mature enough to act
and so long as a few are straining their voices and billions are unresponsive,
there will be no light at the end of this tunnel.
Trust me I know that this motivation will last a few minutes
but the regret will last an eternity.
but as you ravage habitats to create empires
do not go screaming at snakes in your luxurious lavatory
you are more vulnerable.
when zoos become art galleries blame yourself
because even the animals put up a good fight to protect our habitat
the earth
when mammals become history and reptiles a distant memory
when we are refugees in our once home,
perishing from ambition,
gasping for salvation from inevitable extinction
think of all the times this gospel of revolution was preached
think of how much easier it would have been for a positive reaction.
everybody deserves access to clean air and water
this is not an option but a priority.
Maybe when we begin to pay ten dollars instead of two for water
surf on brown and not blue
when desertification is a growing trend
extinguishing the pillars that held our existence.
if not for anybody else be selfish for you and save your home.
this is your business.

Age Group: 18+

Visual Arts Winner:

Muhame Frances (Uganda)

"Pollution's Effect on Life"

My work shows how pollution has affected the natural environment, animals and man.
It shows different practices and how they have continued to affect plants, animals, water life and man.
The effects show how the world reacts to the treatment (and on the other hand, some of the possible solutions) to pollution in order to bring life back to normal for animals, water, plants and man.

Performing Arts Winner:

Brandon Chiu (Hong Kong)

"Sonnet ∞ - If we live on"

What's better than a classical Shakespearean sonnet to express love! In this poem, the speaker's despair for a life like nature is shown through his use of similes - the trees that are not to be hunted, the birds that oversee life blossom, the wind that is free from all restraints and the human that is free from all attacks. The poem starts with a rather negative tone, which carries out through the rest of the poem. This is heightened with the conjunction "if", hinting at the nihilistic attitude that the speaker has towards the idea of living "on" towards foreverness. Visual imagery is present throughout the entire poem, giving the reader a sense of freedom and hope with the beauty of nature and the hopes of one's world being connected. In particular, the speaker infers that the concept that the idealistic world he is referring to is only possible and plausible if everyone works together to build this utopia, concluding with the statement "you and I". This poem beats nature - literally - through its use of classical iambic pentameter that resembles the heartbeat, hinting at the hope for a routine of nature being preserved.

Sonnet ∞ - If we live on

dedicated to my love, the nature

If we live on, let us be like the trees
Not hunted nor cornered at their peril,
Like that bird, gliding gently on the breeze,
Overseeing life blossom in April.
If we live on, let us be like the wind
Not disturbed nor stoppable in its tracks,
Like human! Walking on this sacred land,
Free from constraints, free from all that attacks.
Oh nature! We must meet our common foe,
She's looming over us, December in
Our faces, glaring, piercing at our soul.
A thousand strings end; many more begin…
If we live on… like that starry bright sky,
Let's hold our hands together - you and I.

October 30, 2020
~like the sky, like wind, working together - utopia.